Installation : SEO tool for semantic keyword analysis
KGen is a tool that helps to optimize semantically the keywords of a web page by viewing it like a search engine.
Use : Use
This page describes the different resources that helps to use KGen the better way.
Frequently asked questions
Manual : User manual
This manual is the main resource to learn to use KGen.
Suggestion : Synonym and strike errors alternatives suggestion system
This page helps you to find synonyms and alternatives for a specific word.
Contribution : Contributions to the project
This page tells you how to contribute to the KGen seo project.
Guest book : Guest book
This guest book allows you to give your opinion about KGen and read the opinion of the others.
About : About the project
Learn who's behind KGen and where KGen is going on.
News : Some news about KGen and others
All the news about KGen are here!
Partners : The partners
Here are our main partners, thank to them !
Contact : Contact us
To contact us for any question, use this form.


KGen 0.8 for Firefox

KGen 0.8 for FirefoxWe updated KGen for the imminent Firefox 4 announcement. We also made some new features. Next

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