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KGen is a tool that allows you to analyse keywords of a webpage. It's a sidebar for Mozilla Firefox.

To open the sidebar, clic on "View > Sidebar > KGen. You can also use the toolbar button by right clicking on the address bar and choosing "Personnalize" on the context menu. Than, you can drap and drop the KGen button from the opened window to any place you want.

Scan a page

To scan a page, just click on "Scan it" button and KGen will analyze the page opened in the current tab.

The results will apear in the keyword list with the following informations :

  • Name : the keywords found.
  • Repetition : times the keyword were found by KGen.
  • Weight : this value is given to the keyword by KGen depending on the place where it was in the document. If a word is in the document title, it'll have a better weight than if it were found in a paragraph.

You can copy the selected keywords to the clipboard and put it on your blog or a forum. You can also get the keywords with the repeats and weights associated to them.

The "Tag cloud" tab allows a more "graphical" representation of the importance of the different keywords of the page in the document. You can redraw him and copy it's HTML source to the clipboard.



The "Options" tab allows you to modify some factors of your scans.

  • Sort words : Allows sorting the words of the list.
  • Ignore words : Allows to ignore words.
  • Clipboard : Allows you to choose the word separator of the keywords in the clipboard.
  • Values in percents : This options allows you to see the weight and repeat values in percents. This is interesting to be able to compare different document.
  • Percentage based on the real total : This option is to calculate repetition percentages on the real total of keyword (ignored words included).
  • Don't use the ignored words list : Ignore the "ignored words list" to scan webpages faster.
  • Separators : List of caracters that are considered by KGen as word separators.


This tab enable you to change the weights value for each XHTML elements of the document. You should be a SEO expert to change those parameters.

Elements that aren't listed in this tab have a default weight of 1. An element with a weight of 0 will be ignored by KGen.


This tab, like for the elements tab, enable you to modify the weight associated with the attributes of the elements.

Attributes that are not listed and attributes that have a weight of 0 will be ignored by KGen.


Keywords that are in the address of a webpage are also important for search engines and often contains relevent keywords. This tab allows to optimize the weights given to those keywords.

Ignored words

The ignored keywords list allows you to clean up the results that KGen produce by deleting keywords that are not important. Double click on a keyword in the "List" tab to add him to the ignored keywords. Double click on a keyword in the ignored word list to remove him.


KGen 0.8 for Firefox

KGen 0.8 for FirefoxWe updated KGen for the imminent Firefox 4 announcement. We also made some new features. Next

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