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Semantic keyword generator

Aperçu de KGenKGen allows you to get the most important keywords of a webpage. It's really usefull to analyze the SEO strategy of your competitors or simply know what's the main subject of a webpage.


To install KGen you must have the best browser installed on your computer. Firefox is free, you can download him there.

Once you get Firefox, clic on this link to begin the install. After the installation, don't forget to read our tips to use KGen.


You donwloaded KGen for SEO matters ? Let's talk about BBComposer, our semantic wysiwyg editor for Firefox. You'll be able to scan the wysiwyg editor content !


KGen 0.8 for Firefox

KGen 0.8 for FirefoxWe updated KGen for the imminent Firefox 4 announcement. We also made some new features. Next

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